30+ MEASURING CONVERSIONS Decal Set Kitchen Baking Cooking Cups Spoon

$9.95 USD


Product Description

Quantity: 30+ Decals

Size: Sizes of the decals are shown on the second product image.

Custom Designs: Do you need a custom design? A custom batch of one of the designs in this listing? Custom sizes? Custom Colors? Contact us - we do CUSTOM Work all the time.

Composition: Self-Adhesive 6 mil Vinyl - Washable - Indoor/Outdoor - Waterproof and Fade Resistant up to 5 years.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What can I apply this decal to?
Most smooth, clean, dry surfaces, including glass, metal, plastic, smooth painted wood, tile, canisters, glasses, cups, bowls.

Who are you guys?
Wilson Graphics / Inkwood Impressions is a U.S. based, Small Business that's been selling decals since 2001. My name is Paul David Wilson, I spent 15 years doing graphic design work for the Air Force. My business started growing in leaps and bounds and I made the decision to make this my full-time work. Since I began I've created over 3,000 designs and countless custom projects for companies including ABC, UPS, Pixar, Better Homes and Gardens, and The Smithsonian Institute. My designs have been featured on TV shows (used in sets for a couple of TV shows), Magazines, and Newspapers.

Why did these big companies come to us? Because we stand by our products and we're perfectionists. No matter if you're a multimillion-dollar commercial client or a consumer who just wants a decal for their truck every client is important to us because we know if we do a good job you'll be back and you'll tell your friends. Same if we don't so if you ever have an issue with a product you purchase from us don't hesitate to let us know.

We ship our decals with an info sheet that has our company number on it, if a question comes up when you're putting a decal up just call us. Need something you can't find anywhere? Call us.

Why do you charge more for your decals than the Big Box stores and Overseas Sellers?
Don't get me started on this topic. I'll talk your ear off. Did you know many factory workers overseas make less than $1.40 an hour and have no benefits? Sadly most large U.S. corporations, in their pursuit of larger profits, send their manufacturing work overseas. At the present time, only 8.5% of jobs in the U.S. involve manufacturing, which is down from about 36% in the early 1950s. My dream is to see small businesses take back some of those jobs. It's going to cost a little more but isn't it worth it? Lastly and then I'll get off this topic....do you get tired of calling customer service about a product and getting an offshore support rep you can't understand? I do. Call us if you have a problem, we're here to solve issues fast and easily.

Why do we make our decals when ordered? Decal adhesive has a shelf life. A decal that was made on the other side of the world typically sits in a warehouse until it's shipped to the U.S. in a container ship and then sits again in another warehouse sometimes for months. The adhesive used for a quality vinyl is a pressure-sensitive adhesive and hardens over time. Our vinyl is always kept in a climate-controlled space to preserve the adhesive.

30+ MEASURING CONVERSIONS Decal Set Kitchen Baking Cooking Cups Spoon

Our Ink Would Impress!

Inkwood Impressions has been designing and producing wall decals since 2006. Starting with less than a dozen designs we've now grown our collection to over 2,000 stock designs. Nearly all our decals may be customized in a variety of ways to better fit your space.