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If you're a small batch maker of products ranging from Soaps, to Wine, to Candles and Room Sprays you likely know the cost of having labels made up. Many times the minimum quantities required by large printers are prohibitive in cost, especially if you're doing a trial or limited run of a new product.

So what to do? Make them yourself with Avery labels? That option isn't always ideal. Paper-based labels tear easily, are not waterproof and don't represent your product as professionally as die cut decals.

We can help! We've produced labels for a variety of products over the years and...we've no minimum purchase.

Art Charges: If you have artwork ready to go and we simply need to convert the file for our printer the cost is a one-time $5.00 set up. If on the other hand you need a design created from scratch we can help with that as well. Contact us prior to purchase to discuss your requirements.

All of our product labels are run on high-quality vinyl. They are waterproof, tear-resistant, and will professionally represent your hard work and the vision you have for your product.

Contact us for more details.

Custom Product Labels Custom Product Labels

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Inkwood Impressions has been designing and producing wall decals since 2006. Starting with less than a dozen designs we've now grown our collection to over 2,000 stock designs. Nearly all our decals may be customized in a variety of ways to better fit your space.