The Elemental Scientist - 6 Bottle Decals

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Product Description

🔬 Elemental Scientist 🔬

Each year I make grim and horrific Halloween bottles that always turn heads.

These little DIY projects are a great way to keep the cost of Halloween Decor down and at the same time have something unique that you won't find a million other people with.

This collection I call "The Elemental Scientist" it's designed to evoke the feeling of the kind of bottles you'd find in a mad scientists lab.

What kind of bottles should you use? It depends on your taste, I love old wine bottles and liquor bottles but any bottle large enough will work.

Size: Each of these decals are 2.75" wide x 4" tall

The decals will adhere to any smooth clean surface so be sure and clean your bottles good before you apply them.

The Elemental Scientist - 6 Bottle Decals

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